3.3 Rectification of Positive Anatomical Model

3.3       Rectification of Positive Anatomical Model

Definition:  Rectification of positive anatomical segment model to optimize mechanical joint position, intimacy of strategic surfaces, force systems, suspension, and alignment of prosthesis/orthosis.

Code             Procedure Description
1 Plaster rectification Modification of positive anatomical model using poured plaster buildups or putty material.
2 CAD rectification Modification of three-dimensional digital positive anatomical model using CAD technique.
3 Rectification of the Reverse Delineation of a tracing Reconciliation and modification of two-dimensional anatomical model tracing. This provides clearance for optimal function and comfort of conventional orthotic treatments.
4 Re-rectify positive model using poured plaster Re-rectification of positive anatomical model using poured plaster following evaluation and adjustments of diagnostic orthotic treatment.
5 Re-rectify 3-D digital model using CAD techniques Re-Rectification of 3D digital model using CAD, following the evaluation and adjustments of a diagnostic prosthesis/orthosis.
6 Re-rectify positive model using foam or carving tools Expansion / Reduction of positive anatomical model using foams of various densities and carving tools.

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