3.4.2 Positive Model Preparation

3.4.2    Positive Model Preparation

Definition: Additions and modifications to anatomical model prior to fabrication of the prosthesis/orthosis.

Code             Procedure Description
1 Drying of positive model Remove moisture e.g. oven, air dry, air blowing methods.
2 Barriers, sealants and separators Application of a physical interface separating one surface from another.
3 Installing component blank(s), and/or componentry Modify surface to accommodate expected componentry, install component blank(s). Hardware or interface that will later be replaced with definitive e.g. uprights, joints, electrode, valve, component blank(s) (dummies).
4 Wick application Application of a material to facilitate the evacuation of air during vacuum moulding.
5 Pads / liners / spacers orientation Any material(s) to be added before fabrication of the structure.  Attachment to the anatomical model only, fabrication of these interfaces occurs in part
6 Jig setup Assembling componentry to a specific tool to establish/preserve alignment.
7 Componentry alignment Any componentry to be added before fabrication of structure.


8 Protective material positioning Protective material to allow removal without damaging elements underneath.
9 Reinforcement/ corrugation positioning Application of material(s) to strengthen structure.
10 Trim lines Establish borders of prosthesis/orthosis treatment.

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