3.4.6 Finishing and Anatomical Restoration

3.4.6    Finishing and Anatomical Restoration

Definition: The procedures required to structurally and anatomically finish the definitive prosthesis/orthosis.

Code             Procedure Description
1 Alignment transfer Maintaining and transferring alignment of the prosthesis/orthosis after dynamic function evaluation, prior to structurally and anatomically finishing, using alignment tools e.g. vertical fabricating jig.
2 Installation of endo-skeletal componentry Assembly of components with the socket.
3 Endo-skeletal shaping Block or wrap moulding material over endo-skeletal components, shaping to photos, tracings and measurements.
4 Exo-skeletal shaping Moulding material over prosthesis/orthosis for anatomical shaping. Mix, pour, shape and seal: rigid two-part foam, silicone, foam, and Bondo.  Shaping from photos, tracings and measurements. Lamination of structural outer shell, based on patient-specific characteristics.
5 Hollow exo-skeletal shaping Fabrication of removable foam or wax spacer and structural outer shell. Lamination of structural outer shell, and removal of internal shape e.g. swim prosthesis.
6 Socket shell Laminating or moulding material, attaching to cover and prosthesis, allowing cover to be removable.
7 Finishing wrap application Applying a smoothing layer to blend anatomical shape. Bonding the finishing wrap to the anatomical shape, creating a smooth surface.
8 Finishing cover application Applying a protective anatomical cover (typically removable). May include use of heat and lubrication e.g. Silicone, foam, lamination or PVC.
9 Spray finish application Preparing surface of anatomical shape, applying spray coats of polyurethane or similar coating, finishing trim lines.
10 Creation of protective anatomical cover Hand moulding silicone or similar material, replicating detailed anatomical features, curing and finishing trim lines.
11 Battery box installation Creating abattery box in anatomical finishing during shaping, finish trim lines and seal. Placing battery in outer shell and connection to wiring harness.
12 Spray application Polyurethane or similar costing. Preparing surface of anatomical shape, applying spray coats.
13 Transfer application Applying specific color, pattern or logo e.g. water transfer or thermal induced transfer paper.

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