3.4/3.4.1 Fabrication Procedures, Design & Planning

3.4       Fabrication Procedures

Definition: Processes involved in the fabrication of various prosthesis/orthosis

3.4.1      Technical Design and Fabrication Planning

Definition: The process of planning and determining the specifications required prior to fabrication of the prosthesis/orthosis, based on design criteria.

Code             Procedure Description
1 Create technical worksheet Establish technical specifications for the fabrication process based on prosthetic/orthotic design criteria.
2 Review technical information Review technical sheet, patient history, photographs, measurements, previous prosthetic and/or orthotic treatment based on design criteria.
3 Review manufacturer’s guidelines Obtain and read specifications to verify materials, recommended protocols and required tools e.g. use of product information inserts and/or internet information.
4 Determine appropriate materials/ components/ tools Research, order, inspect and inventory items.
5 Tool fabrication Fabrication of specialty tools which are specific to the device e.g. joint alignment fixture.



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