3.6 Maintenance of Prosthesis/Orthosis

3.6      Maintenance of Prosthesis/Orthosis

Definition: Procedures required to maintain prosthetic/orthotic function and integrity.

Code             Procedure Description
1 Evaluation Assessing prosthesis/orthosis for performance issues, including structural or component failure, and maintenance requirements.  May include assessing performance limitations, safety issues, excessive wear of mechanical joints, liners, components, cables, straps and belts and/or attachment points.
2 Maintenance of functioning parts May include disassembly, cleaning, lubrication of joint systems, replacing missing or broken parts, checking or replacing harnessing systems, replacing socket padding and re-assembly.
3 Restoration of moulded liner Using adhesives and materials to restore function of moulded liner.
4 Reinforcement restoration Using resins and reinforcement materials to restore prosthesis/orthosis function.
5 Componentry repair Removal, repair or replacement of worn components.
6 Restoring or replacing worn control system parts Replacing or refurbishing
7 Cleaning Cleaning prosthesis/orthosis as per manufacturer’s specifications.



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